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Udemy – Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment 2017-10 Free

Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment 2017-10 Full Version Description

Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment is the worldwide best and most important course of building and the deployment of the nodes. Unlike other tutorials, this course does not use localhost, but lets you know how to do real projects so you can extend the Node program without any confusion. It is a training course for building and deploying Node.js programs that teaches all the techniques from the foundation. In this project-centric course, you’ll be fully familiar with Node.js by building two server-side applications, and even learning how to deploy on a real domain.

The main task to be worked in this course is VIDOT; in this program, clients can enroll and present their thoughts as substance. You will get to know Express Routing, Firmware, Templates, and additionally amid this venture. The second venture is additionally an interpersonal organization for making individual and open stories that bring an assortment of highlights. The Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev-Deployment course teaches you how to create Node or Express programs, how to create data models, how to display views, and how to validate users. Udemy – Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment Full Registration.

Courses taught in this course: (Udemy – Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment)

  • Build quality programs with Node, Express, and MongoDB
  • Run Validation Using Google OAuth and Locale Strategies
  • Build data models by Mongoose ODM
  • Preparing and deploying programs for production with the help of Heroku
  • Learn the concepts of ES6, such as arrows and arrows

Course Details Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment

  • English language
  • File Format: mp4
  • Duration: 9 hours and 2 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 69
  • Teacher: Brad Traversy

Course topics:

Course Introduction
2 lectures

Set up up
6 lectures

Starting with Project Start & Express Fundamentals
6 lectures

Mongoose & Local MongoDB
10 lectures

Local Authentication With Passport
10 lectures

VidJot Prep & Deployment
3 lectures

StoryBooks Project Start & Google OAuth
8 lectures

Creating our UI
7 lectures

Stories & The Database
9 lectures

Comments, Access Control & Cleanup
5 lectures

StoryBooks Prep & Deployment
3 lectures

Prerequisite course

  • Basic HTML / CSS knowledge
  • A good understanding of JavaScript Fundamentals (functions, objects, loops, etc.)


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