Creative Fabrica – 70 Films Photography Bundle TNT

Creative Fabrica –Full Mac Torrent

70 Films Photography Bundle from real 35mm analog film camera
– authentic look , real film grain and unique!
– 70 Jpeg scanned film
– approx 1200 x 1800 px, 1400 x 2000 px, 2700px x 1800px
– for website, web header , banner, blog, film projects, postcard, poster, social media, Template design and many more
All photos taken with an analog film camera : Olympus OM10 + Olympus OM1 + Yashica 35cc from various kind of films ( Kodak colorplus 200, Fuji superia 200, Fuji c200, Kodak gold 200, Solution VX200, Tudor Color 200, Kodak ultramax 400 )

Creative Fabrica – 70 Films Photography Bundle | 116.21 MB

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