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STOP P-O-R-N Crack is an easy-to-use application developed to block access to content-sensitive websites oriented at adults. Especially aimed at parents who want to protect their children from loading inappropriate content while browsing the Internet, STOP P-O-R-N doesn’t assault users with an avalanche of features.

STOP P-O-R-N 9.9.9 Key Features

Prevent file sharing and chat programs from running

Instead, the configuration screen groups all options and lets you define the file-sharing apps you want to block, with options including BearShare, Kazaa, LimeWire and MyP2P. Additionally, you can restrict access to YouTube as well as instant messengers, such as WLM, Yahoo Messenger, Trillian, iCQ and IntraMessenger.

Set the protection level and ban list

There are three protection levels at your disposal, namely minimal, moderate and extreme, with a separate user ban list to help you configure the restriction system. Basically, the custom ban list is more like a database of words that shall be blocked regardless if you’re trying to load a website that includes the defined term or you are simply trying to search Google for it. STOP P-O-R-N automatically closes the browser whenever it detects a word mentioned in the ban list.

Set a master password to configure settings or uninstall the program

On the good side, a password protection system makes sure no one beside you can access the program options and close the app completely. What’s more, it places an icon in the systray that requires just a double-click to quickly disable the protection system, which means that you can keep the app running all the time. The problem, however, is that users can instantly kill the process via Task Manager and thus shut down the app. To prevent this, you can prevent Task Manager from running by using the configuration window.

Practical and easy-to-use porn blocker

STOP P-O-R-N didn’t affect system performance in any way and ran flawlessly in our evaluation. It got along very well with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To sum up, this application is a simple way to block access to adult websites. Its parameters and interface are intuitive even for users with basic computer experience.


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