Zbrush cant draw

zbrush cant draw

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Are your ZBrush Polyframe wireframes missing? How to fix it.
All I'm able to do is just rotate my model around. I've tried clearing the canvas and redrawing the model but once I redraw it and go back into. I drop my subtool to Projection Master, draw, then pick it back up. My tool turns a shade of grey and I am stuck on the rotate tool and can't. Replies � 1: open zbrush press Ctrl+N to clear the canvas � 2: navigate to documents at the top of the screen � 3: in the drop down menu click ".
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This is a pretty basic animation, but since my main work is concert production design, this workflow could potentially be very exciting. Combine Zbrush with C4D then you got a good pipeline going, then your models will work well with substance due to decent Uvs and low to medium poly models. What happens if you clone the tool, then try modifying the clone? Is there any advice that artist such as yourselves can give me, or a particular tutorial series that may help me on my journey?