Zbrush creating insert mesh with polypaint

zbrush creating insert mesh with polypaint

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When you draw out an InsertMesh Object the orientation is stored you can see this insertions of the same item, line after drawing an InsertMesh the same transformation. To ensure both color and material are kept turn off all zbush switches. To learn more, explore the following pages:. See the AskZBrush video here.

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Zbrush convert texture to polypaint

Does this work with the curve insert mesh as well, so the ends can have seperate textures from center parts? Is there a way to keep polypaint of multi mesh inset meshes? Depending the shape of a replacement part, it may be useful to crease the mesh edges before converting the surface to an InsertMesh. Because the UVs are linked to the number of polygons your model has, if you change the number of polygons then the UVs are no longer any use and are destroyed.