Masking a dodecahedron in zbrush

masking a dodecahedron in zbrush

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You can paint masks on as sculpting have on masked easy way to mask out masks automatically, affect properties of.

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For this project I will model the details in Zbrush. I made a basemesh in Modo because I find it a bit easier to create a fast and size-accurate model in this. Today I have started the dragon's modelling process on Zbrush. I have started with a sphear and gaving it shape with the move brush. I like how the mesh curves around with the shapes of a face. Another thing, when you mask and divide a regular sphere the division lines extend out and around.
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I duplicated some models that were not big enough to fill an entire side of the room like the dodecahedron or the cylinder. That is a commonly used connection point for multi patch surfaces as well as the 4x4 array of points in a patch that can easily be replicated as a bspline. Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Copy video url. So I gave them a bit of advise of what kind of material that was needed they also wanted to paint it! I tried skinning a zsphere but you cannot get the smooth results that you have accomplished.