Convert splines zbrush

convert splines zbrush

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Hey guys,. I'm trying to make inflatable balloony objects and want to be able to use guide splines that that I've created in C4D. Start in Rhino and go as far as you can. Export a dense mesh as an obj to Zbrush, do your thing here � the software will allow your to soften. I was able to figure out how to write a python script that will convert default fiber meshes(three polys per fiber) into splines.
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I asked those questions to our machinists here and there ls a good reasons why they want nurbs: They have to create tool paths , those paths need to follow curves, typically surface edges either natural boundaries or trim curves on-surface. Dunno if that figures into your researches�. Some detail was lost but this was just a test� I then imported it into Rhino 5 with a T-Splines plugin. More important is if the operator of the software knows how to deal with mesh models - or if they even want to. In my own experience, I know that its possible to machine from meshes especially when surface finish and high accuracy are not an issue.